How to get it ?
EDIT 2021/08/25 (This optimization is for Polygon and will be applied to BSC in the next 48 hours) :
New TENGU/GTENGU swap tax: TENGU > GTENGU : No tax! GTENGU > TENGU : 15%
Before edit:
As there is no GTENGU emission / block, the only way to get some is by swapping some TENGU on https://tenguswap.com/gtengu.


There will be different and evolving ratios for the two sides of the swap. At launch :
  • TENGU → GTENGU swap will have a 1:0.95 ratio
  • GTENGU → TENGU swap will have a 1:0.80 ratio
For instance, if you swap 100 TENGU for GTENGU with these values, your 100 TENGU will be burned and 95 GTENGU will be minted into your wallet.


The TENGU → GTENGU swap ratio will evolve the first days, to give the early adopters the opportunity to accumulate some at a preferrential cost :
  • 1:0.95 the first two days
  • 1:0.90 the two following days
  • Then 1:0.85
It's not possible to set any of the two ratio lower than 1:0.7
Note that the two ratio values will be behind a 24h timelock, and we'll always publicly announce our changes before, so you won't be taken by surprise there.
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