TenguSwap focus is on the investor, and the whole project will revolve around the 'investor token', and that is why we created GTENGU token.
We had to make sure that we implement taxes during swaps from TENGU -> GTENGU and GTENGU -> TENGU to incentivize users to become true investors and reduces manipulation within the project.
With users deciding to become investors by swapping to GTENGU, we want to also focus the benefits towards GTENGU investors.


This will be the initial usage for GTENGU. This will be the only way to get back the redistributed deposit fee coming from our non native farms. More here.


What would be an "investor token" without the possibility to have influence on the project management? As stated in the roadmap, we plan to bring some governance into our project before the end of Q3 2021, and GTENGU will be the used token for it.


That's where we bring some real long term value to the GTENGU token. We're already working on special vaults giving you huge advantages if used with GTENGU. It's a bit too early to say more, but we will release them soon enough for you to know !


We are already in talks with many projects and plan to have the partnerships focus towards our GTENGU investors.
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