Security upgrades
Even if the base of our code is the same as Panther and its forks, we made an exhaustive review of all its functionalities with the precious help of Paladin Blockchain Security auditors, to enhance its quality and patched some relatively critical flaws:
We are proud to announce that we have resolve 100% of the findings by Paladin Blockchain Security auditors. Here are some of the patches we made and you can read the full audit here. (link to website when audit is updated)


  • Added a second operator "sensitive", which will be linked to a very long timelock, for potentially more dangerous operations, like the router update and the locker update functions
  • Set a minimum value for anti-whale so that no one can use a very low value and virtually lock any TENGU swap


  • We can freely use tokens with transfer taxes, without being exposed to the same exploit as Cerberus or Garuda for instance
  • Added a max emission rate safeguard


  • The deployer can't make himself the referral of all users


  • Same as TenguToken, we can now freely use tokens with transfer taxes
  • emergencyRewardWithdraw function patched so that it can't break withdrawals anymore