Multiple Timelocks
We'll be using two timelocks with our contracts.
Those two timelocks will be setup before the start of the presale








"Classic" Timelock

We'll use a 24h duration for this one, with a temporary 8h duration to ease the launch process. It will be used for the following :
    MasterChef ownership
    TenguToken operator : transfer tax rates update, anti-whale max transfer amount rate, update swap ratio for GTENGU → TENGU, anti-whale & GTENGU tax exclusion lists...
    GreatTenguToken owner : update swap ratio for TENGU → GTENGU
    Referral : drain tokens sent by mistake

"Sensitive" Timelock

More sensitive actions will be behind this timelock, with a week duration :
    TenguToken update router
    TenguToken update locker
    TenguLocker withdraw liquidities
Ideally, we want to put those three functionalities behind longer timelock (months-based one). But it would also lock us on pancake amm, from which we want to migrate in the coming months.
So we choose this alternative with a shorter timelock, but long enough so that we won't be able to do anything without everybody noticing.
Once the migration done, we'll setup a new timelock with a 6 months duration
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