Automatic Liquidity
EDIT 2021/08/25 (This optimization is for Polygon and will be applied to BSC in the next 48 hours) :
No more automatic liquidity Each transfer of TENGU must pay a 6% transfer tax (instead of 8%)
Before edit:
As mentioned previously, each transfer of Tengu must pay a 8% transfer tax.
2% gets added to the liquidity pool through the contract automatically to raise the price floor continuously. The liquidity will be transferred to the locker contract, to guarantee our users that they stay locked and inaccessible.
Initially, this locker contract ownership will be set only to a 7 days Timelock as we have plans in the near future to move them out of Pancakeswap to our own AMM and don't want the funds to be stuck. Once moved to our new AMM, we'll set a way longer Timelock (months) to secure them.
Last modified 4mo ago
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